Spirit Warriors Exorcism for the Ekklesia (ePub)


This How-To book on Christian deliverance is practical, informative, and inspirational. By working within your Holy Spirit gifts, you will learn the biblical solutions for relieving emotional & physical distresses within yourself and others as evil supernatural forces try to take down the uninformed and unprepared.

ISBN: 978-0-926392-08-3

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ISBN: 978-0-926392-08-3

It’s the last gasp of the Church Age as we enter the End Times where battles against all sorts of spirits will be engaged and resisted in order to keep our freedoms. Dr. Massey makes the case of a critical need for Christian leaders and mature believers to become practical with Jesus Christ’s Great Commission of, “Go…preach…baptize…cast out demons…speak with new languages…take up serpents and lay hands on the sick to recover. And they do recover!

Spirit Warriors – Exorcism for the Ekklesia (328 pages), will teach you how to succeed from a biblical basis along with real deliverance examples that authenticates every strategy given. Multiple topics are tackled including: The Core of Spiritual Problems, the Great Evil Commission, What Opens Portals to Demonic Oppression, The Primary Purposes Assigned to Demons, the Supernatural Realm of Spirit Warriors, How Demonic Attacks Affect the Human Body, Soul, and Spirit, and many more. Written in military genre, it gives a Glossary of Terms and Occult High Days, Confessions of Faith and Triumph, and trains on developing teams for Team Deliverance ministries.

Learn to identify which evil spirits are in control and discover the strongholds of the dark crafts that must be released to bring peace by learning exactly how to minister deliverance individually and working as a team.

If you are ready, or almost ready, to get out of the pew and into the battles you were saved for, equipped for, and destined to complete—then this comprehensive manual is for you and your church fellowship. No Experience Necessary.

Laurel Massey has perceived by the Spirit of God, the pinpointed need for this hour. Many think that our current problems are political, societal, or ecclesiastical but nothing could be further from the truth: they are spiritual. Until we as a people truly understand what is written in this book, we will continue to wind back up at the beginning of the same circles that we are running in. I wish to thank the author for her tireless work in bringing the real truth to the forefront. Only when we understand the principles laid out in this writing, can we effectively deal with society’s many plagues of addictions and mental torments. In a time when fear is ravishing the land of America and the nations of the world, the information contained in this writing will bring calm to those troubled seas of your mind. Herein, in these pages, lies the keys to the abyss of misunderstanding and misapplied focus and prayers. These truths will forever pull back the curtains for you, so you can see clearly and understand perfectly.

Bishop Shane Vaughn, Th.D. ~ a.k.a Professor Toto
First Harvest Ministries, Waveland, Mississippi


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