Spirit Warriors


Exorcism For the Ekklesia

Reading this book means you have just entered the reality of Spirit and other Special Forces Warriors committed to completing God’s destiny for us.

We wrestle against evil Satanic Powers, against the Rulers of the Darkness of this Age; against Spiritual Hosts of Wickedness in the Heavenly Realms…   Because

We Are Spirit Warriors

Laurel Massey has preceived by the Spirit of God, the pinpointed need for this hour…These truths will forever pull back the curtains for you, so you can see clearly and understand perfectly.

Bishop Shane Vaughn, Th. D

- a.k.a Professor Toto, First Harvest Ministries Waveland, MS

Spirit Warriors Are You One?

This is the book that will equip you to live safely

  • Four Purposes for Deliverance from Evil
  • The Supernatural DNA of Jesus Christ
  • The Underpinnings of Spiritual Problems
  • The Dynamics of Exorcism
  • The Great Evil Commission
  • What is Natural to a Demon to Crave?
  • Four Mind Positions of God’s Order
  • Seven Mind Positions of Spirit Jurisdiction
  • Assault Against the Human Spirit, Soul & Body
  • Who’s in Control: Anger, Rage, or Wrath?
  • Co-Dependent Spirits of Ahab and Jezebel
  • The Python Spirit Mind Gatekeepers: The False and Good Ones
  • Self-Ordered Murder
  • Rejection: Mumford’s Black Hole Theory
  • We are Spirit Warriors Entering the Real Battlefield
  • Be Demon Specific: The List
  • Strongholds of the Dark Crafts
  • How to Minister Deliverance
  • Setting Up an Exorcism Team Ministry

Upcoming Books are Being Developed:

  • Guide to Becoming a Spirit Warrior & Warrior Intercessors
  • Revelation Warriors ~ Standing the Watch
  • Tribulation Warriors ~ Left to Conquer
  • Millennial Warriors ~ Reigning a Thousand Years
  • Readings for Warriors ~ Intel from God


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