Spirit Warriors


These Readings are fresh thoughts on old Scriptures and span my written journey from 1974 to this month, this year. They are not in chronological order or by topic. As you seek the Lord to speak to you, He will answer with deeper understanding to cause you to grow spiritually, for it is by the questioning human spirit rising to the seat of the Holy One and back again, that revelation comes to us. Warriors are not always at war but take time to listen to General officers at peace. These are mine to share.

002 Reading

Welcome. We are so pleased you have stopped by to get some encouragement, challenges, new insights, and a laugh, too. This Reading is from Boot Camp #1  in the new book for 2022, “Becoming A Spirit Warrior & Warrior Intercessor Guide. BOOT CAMP #1 “The fool has...


It is early morning in our little home in Orlando, Florida and our little Basenji dog is curled in the chair beside me. I have a fresh cup of creamed coffee and I see the sun’s rays reflecting off my neighbor’s many-armed oak. The crepe myrtles are in pink and white...

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