Laurel Massey, the author of Spirit Warriors, has put 40 years in the field of exorcism to see if you are a Spirit Warrior in the Kingdom of Jesus Christ. There is a critical need for the Ekklesia to become practical with Jesus’ Great Commission:


“Go, Preach, Baptize, and these supernatural signs will follow you: “Cast out demons, speak with new tongues, take up serpents, lay hands on the sick, and they will recover.”

It’s the last gasps of the Church Age with Tribulation on the edge of time. Are you ready to get out of the pew and into the battles you were saved, equipped for, and destined to complete?

An accomplished author, Laurel T. Massey, PhD was a medical missionary in Colombia nine years and began her radio broadcast and journalism career there. She has taught these principles in Virginia, Washington, DC, Holland, Norway, Israel, Bolivia, Colombia, Equator, and Haiti. She covered the UN Year of the Woman in Beijing, China.

With her U.S. Army Ex-Ranger husband Kurt, broadcast “Bible Voices for Today” in the USA, Israel, and Africa, leading a local ekklesia in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, Georgia.

Character comes before equipping;
Obedience to His voice will hold the heavy anointing;
Gifts are supernatural flashes from the Holy One
to convince death-encrusted pagans that
The Christ—Redemptory Jesus—is their sole way out
Of death’s capture into the health of Liberty and Light.

Spirit Warriors can help get them there.

Dr. Laurel T. Massey

Silver Dove

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