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“The fool has said in his heart, ‘There is no God.’
The Lord looks down from heaven upon the children of men,
to see if there are any who understand, who seek God.” ~ Psalm 14:1

An Allegory: Witchery, Racer, and Liar-Liar

The parade of their triumph straggled past the three hunched demons, stirring up the dust of death[1] as they approached the Death Gate, choking on its dry darkness. Flyers were everywhere, herding a recent group from a rock concert who fell out by the hundreds when the rap star held a musical pitch to open human soul doors. Clever. Ten died this time, hundreds injured. Technology for us!

Witchery spoke up. “They don’t know that our master was the most brilliant, musical instrument-endowed cherub[2] before G_d, He ever created. Satan relishes the tone twisting and lyrics of death curses singing over them on 30’ raised speakers, enough to break ear drums. They writhe with the drums and raise their tattooed arms to our worship leaders when it is the master they adore, not the demonized star. Joint laughter trailed away.

“Yeah,” Racer joined in, “Once he said in his miserable soul, ‘I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God’…and a bunch of other rubbish we swallowed, his challenges would rock the puny worldlings but they didn’t penetrate the fortresses of G_d like he boasted.”

“Stars. They call them stars. An understatement for the brilliance of angels. Ohhhhh, how I enjoyed the light brilliance of those eons.”

“Look at us now. Our coverings are gone. Our skin is like dried black rags, dull and hideous. How were we to know that that brilliance was reflected from Jay? It all disappeared as soon as we were kicked down here,” Witchery commiserated.

Their red, pin pricked eyes turned back to the parade to watch Death, Hell’s portal keeper. The way to destruction was becoming clogged, even with the wideness of the gates—for there was no touching, no light, no joy, no orientation in this lawless dimension. The screams got louder, the closer they got. It sounded like that rock concert where 50,000 human rock star worshipers raised their arms in the beat of the smoke machine fog…

Liar-Liar intruded as he usually does, “Do you know churches have those now?” They think it’s like G_d’s breath…cheery little fools.” Maniacal screeching broke out among them.

“Oh, the worship was there, alright. And those stars Satan bragged about ascending far above, came true. He impregnated them with drug-crazed idol banging for our kingdom.”

Foul Mouth joined them but they barely grunted. He was a useful sort, but brought them up to their tasks. He began cackling at their topic of conversation, rubbing his crouch like Jackson when he felt the rhythm and believed the lines Foul Mouth inspired. They knew he was a major part of the music echelon that guided satanic worship with off-the-scale tones that can come only from their master’s body.[3]

“Remember those days?”  Racer asked. “No, master didn’t need a robe over his spirit body, glistening with the jewels of earth—sardius, topaz, diamonds, beryl, onyx and jasper. He slobbered at the thought of the sapphires, turquoise and emeralds all encrusted by gold filigree. The nine stones were intricately melded as one by gold fitted around the timbrels and pipes of sound making.”

“Oh, shut up!” Witchery snarled.

“Yesssssssssssssss,” Liar-Liar hissed. Those were the days of glorious musicality.” He pierced their watching eyes and continued.

“We angels were all mesmerized by G_d then, but when Lucifer—at the highest cherub level and at his most beautiful perfection—lured a third of us away, we saw him for the Father of Lies. What a construct never attempted before. That’s why I have his renown and known as Liar-Liar!

A pregnant moment passed. “I envy the old dragon, even now, and dispense his bureau of white lies, gray lies… hell, green ones and black ones. It’s all the same.”

He howled again. “A lie is a lie, don’t they know?” His bragging continued. “I keep the key to The Lie until master needs it at higher levels. I wreak the deception, exaggeration, innuendo, false narrative, temptations to falsify…oh I could go on and on of all my skills.”

“You sound like Pride, now old demon.” Foul Mouth said.

“Who do you think controls the media honchos? Who runs them as well as I do? No one. My purpose is in preparation now to establish the False Prophet for when Antichrist will be revealed to them. Hell on fire, he doesn’t even know it yet!”

They all groaned when Liar-Liar told a little truth among his thrashings. It deeply pained them but, he has the stage for as long as they listen to the lies building their kingdom. Thin trickles of saliva dripped across chins in anticipation to the Big Reveal.

“Satan will form the lies inside Antichrist to solidify him as a supernatural liar—not like these transparent, flunkies we see on the seven mountains who will cave.”

“And when these wretched ones who hold out that ‘do not love their lives unto death’[4] –discovers him, what then?” Witchery asked. “All my work is destroyed.”

Just then, Greedy Grime slithered in, shoving Racer aside as his putrid smell settled among them.

“The System is activated. It’s been well underway for over a century. The trading that brought up our master—an expert at it by his diabolical brains—attracts like flies to putrefaction. You’ve seen how it tightens the noose on the detainees who do love their lives. They’re in our ranks now, getting their customized ID marks, lining up for bogus health cures full of magnetic death, and the brainy ones are constructing satellite connections to have at their lazy fingertips. How convenient for buying our alluring wares.”

“They sell their valuable souls for Babylon’s needs. But soon it will come down to food and water they crave and will kill each other for it, when the noose is irreversible.” Greedy Grime knew this as his area of know-how.

“Pure genius!”  Witchery predicted.

The gloomy pack looked away, watching the clothing, jewelry, wigs, surgical implants, and the rest of humanity’s foolery drop from their bodies as they entered Death’s arms.

“The Mark!” they all said it at once. It sounded like a chant when they said it together.

“Ah, yes. The Mark”. You had a lot to do with that didn’t you Witchery and Liar-Liar?

“False Prophet will activate that before they know they’ve been witched again. It’s a matter of time until the shadowy military-intelligence technology demons at Mitre have gotten the human think tanks to steal fingerprints, updated profiles, face recognition, and eye scans to totally own that identity. We steer it all to the dark Internets of SMART health cards, phones, and cute little watches into the digital quagmire of evil, and….”

“Ramp it up, Liar-Liar.” They interrupted his rant. “Rant it up until the greatest mind blown Antichrist, rides in on that white horse.” Mockery spoke, a new comer. He continued, “Remember when the world thought he was Adolph Hitler? That was a false run and so was Stalin, Mao, and many other wanna-be narcissists conquering their little worlds.”

“We were bombarded with intercessors who knew how to get their answers in those years. It finally brought us down to the basics to lick our wounds when we lost,” Racer whined.

“But this time…” Witchery levitated about a foot in his excitement, “This time…”

The threat hung in the air as a new horde of the human wretches thrust into their sight. Maniac Flyers hustled and prodded them toward Death, gasping their last breaths of life. These were emaciated souls, tribes of peoples perishing from man-induced, demon-inspired politically caused famines because of Liar-Liar’s great work with global warming fears.

Famine always began in Asia as a testing ground. The wars are gloriously prolonged to gather civilians. Lips were smacking. Mockery tempestuously brought on the nausea that overexcited demons exuded as they ranted and raved out their pain.

Suddenly a micro flash of unwelcome pitch assaulted their pig ears. Summons to the Bottomless Pit. That could only mean Abaddon was scrapping and stirring. Not a good omen for them. Incoming! New assignments were being telepathically posted. They all flew as one to the nearest Earth portal, shuffling the dust of hell into the horrifying shrieks of the newly engaged.


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